The Inter Urbis team supports you in the rental of your property

Rental management 1

Enhancement of the premises thanks to our renovation advice and the production of quality photo reports.

Rental management 2

Writing and diffusion of impactful announcements, adapted to different digital media (Belles demeures, le Figaro, etc).

Rental management 3

Constant monitoring and analysis of the rental market.

Rental management 4

Rigorous selection of tenants, by the credibility of their file and the reality of their income.

Rental management 5

Drafting of residential leases comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Rental management 6

A rigorous inventory during which the presence of a bailiff can prove useful.

Rental Management

Inter Urbis also takes care of the management of your rental: the team benefits from a loyal clientele in France and abroad, which, over the years, from one generation to another, entrusts its property to us.
This management requires an expertise of rental laws. Choosing to trust our rental experts will allow you to alleviate these complex tasks.

Our rental management mission includes:

Rental management 7

The collection of rents and the payment to the owners on the agreed dates, the reminders in the event of late payment. Faced with unpaid bills, we contact a bailiff as soon as possible for formal notice.

Rental management 8

We organize repairs and, in case of damage, we systematically establish quotes for work with the owners’ agreement.

Rental management 9

We offer a list of professional companies to start work as soon as possible and ensure their follow-up. Inter Urbis offers in particular the services of the partner company Richelieu Rénovation, specializing in the renovation of prestigious properties:

Rental management 10

Condominium charges are checked and can be paid by us. Calculations are made for what is due by the tenants and the lessors. We inform our lessors of the convocations to the general meetings of co-ownerships as well as of the decisions taken.

Rental management 11

Payment of property tax, establishment of a statement necessary for property tax, regularization of charges, return of the security deposit, request for reimbursement of the tax on household waste from tenants.

Rental management 12

Representing and defending the interests of owners is an integral part of our services. This implies an interface role vis-à-vis trustees, insurers and other providers.

Using a real estate professional to manage your property allows you to deduct your costs, insurance and fees from your property income.

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